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Opinion of Eng 94 about:
Received my Tog rigs the other day and they are very nice,better then I expected and on time for the season. Thanks guys I am very pleased with your prompt delivery and great products.
Opinion of hunter 2 about:
These rods work great when trolling spoons. I am a big fan of the entire Maja system. The pulsing of the rods tip shows you that the spoon is swimming correctly. When it comes to fighting a fish they perform well. I also use these rods for trolling other lures like stretchs and umbrella rigs
Trolling for Stripers “Mojo Style”

Trolling for Stripers “Mojo Style”

mojoHere is a simple and proven way to add two or more rods to your fishing spread.

While Most fisherman in NJ are trolling for stripers using Bunker Spoons, most striper fishermen below the Mason Dixon line troll for stripers using what is called a “Mojo Rig”.

A Mojo is essentially  a large “buck tail” type lure, tied with nylon hair and mylar flash with a large 9” paddle tail shad with a 12/0 hook.  Mojos range from one pound to four pounds and serve two purposes:   get your lure deep in the water column and entice strikes from big stripers.

"Mojo Rig" is rigged with a three-way swivel  where  you can add second lure such as the “Swim Whizz” trolling plug.  The "Swim Whizz" is placed in the top position of the three way swivel on a nine to twelve foot 60 lb. leader.  (see Mojo Rig Diagram)   You can use a 30lb class rod and reel with either braid or 60 lb. mono.   To deploy the "Mojo Rig" (at trolling speed of 2-3 knots); let the mojo bounce on the bottom, place the reel in gear and put in a rod holder near the transom of the boat.   Using this set up your rods are typically fished from 50-120 feet behind the boat depending on how deep the water your fishing, if your fishing in 70 feet of water your "Mojo Rig" will be about 100 feet behind the boat.

With the Mojo rods in the closet rod holder to the transom this allows you to use your bunker spoons rods or troll a pair of stretches in the front rod holders using a pair of rod riggers. See More trolling charters Here

Mojo's and Swim Whizz Saltwater Lures. By G&H Lures


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