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Opinion of Eng 94 about:
Received my Parachute Jigs today and they look great can\'t wait to get them on the water. Very pleased with the quality and the extra care taken in rigging them with the shad, didn\'t notice a stinger hook in the ones I received but maybe that\'s because they are the 2oz size.
Opinion of Eng 94 about:
Great leader line In 40# works good for making up leaders and rigs.

RONZ 8" Original Series 3X815Z

The Original Series 3X815Z is an ideal size for inshore species. It's size makes it versatile and it can be used on small to large size fish. This is a top weight choice by most spinning tackle anglers.


Ronz Soft BaitsThe Original Series 3X815Z is our middleweight 8" bait and is an ideal size for inshore species. The ounce and a half Z Head allows for a slick presentation anywhere in the water column. This bait also offers a 3X Owner size 5/0 Super Needle Point Saltwater Jig Hook. Try it on Stripers, Snook, Reds, Cobia and Trout.

Overall Length: 9” (230mm) Total Weight: 1 1/2oz (45g)









Ronz Replacement Tails

0 Stars

Ronz Replacement Tails. 6 Inch 8 Inch and 10 Inch. White Pearl - Silver Metallic - Olive Green Metallic - Pink Florescent

Product Details...

Available Colors. White Pearl - Silver Metallic - Olive Green Metallic - Pink Florescent

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