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Opinion of wweisgarber about:
Wow! This product is a great deal. It holds up exceptionally well, much better than some of the higher priced leader materials. You won't be disappointed with this purchase. Thanks! Captain Bill
Opinion of wweisgarber about:
The order shipped fast and secure. The product, Ava 27's are excellent and well made. They work well and cast fine with about a 9' rod. In the fall the Ava's are deadly with Stripers along the Jersey Shore, especially when they are chasing sand eels close to the beach. Will buy again. Thanks, Captain Bill.

RONZ NEW LOGO 2014Developed by the legendary Ron “Ron Z” Poirier, the RONZ® is an engineered soft bait that was carefully designed from head to tail to look, act, feel and smell like the real deal. Intensively tested and proven on a variety of species, its fish catching ability is unrivaled. The RONZ® is hand poured and assembled and features Owner and Gamakatsu hooks and the finest terminal tackle and plastic available.

The RONZ® was originally developed to target striped bass in the northeast U.S. First used by commercial striped bass fisherman as an alternative to live bait, its ability to consistently produce was soon discovered by local sport fisherman. The first RONZ® became available in local bait & tackle shops in the early 90's. Soon after, the true potential of its innovative design was discovered as both novice and pro fishermen alike began to accidentally hook Bluefin Tuna while targeting smaller inshore species. It became apparent that these hook ups were not coincidental. “Tuna love this lure!”

With the advent of super-line technology and the rise of the Jig and Pop sport fishery, extreme demands began to be placed on lure construction and design. These demands were the motivation for the current RONZ® design, utilizing the strongest hooks and terminal tackle available on the planet. RONZ 3X and 4X Strong technology will put and end to bent and broken hooks and ensure your trophy ends up in the boat.

The RONZ® Action Tail has an unparalleled life-like swimming motion that mimics a multitude of bait fish. No other tails on the market offer such a realistic silhouette or natural action. The tail is infused with real fish oil, removing the need to apply scents or be concerned with plastic smells. All tails, except the 4" model, have a hook exit locator hole molded into them to aid the rigging process, helping to ensure proper positioning of head and tail.

Our "Z Head" is a unique design that incorporates an innovative 360 degree holding barb that anchors the tail firmly in place. No need for smelly glues or re-rigging after each catch. When retrieved or trolled the wedge shaped nose of the RONZ® comes alive, wobbling from side to side. This movement is transmitted to the tail creating a swimming motion. This motion is obtained without the use of unnatural looking paddle or curly tails, and requires far less effort on the part of the angler than mass produced plastic baits. Made from pure tin, the Z head is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. And it stays shiny so it will never end up at the bottum of your tackle box with chipped paint or severe oxidation.

Today the RONZ® is available in an array of sizes and is being fished worldwide to catch just about every gamefish on the planet. Our 6" baits will fool the wariest of freshwater fish including Salmon, Largemouth and Trout. The 8" RONZ® models with our various head sizes have the versatility to dominate any situation. From the flats to inshore structure and deep water currents, Striped Bass, Snook, Redfish and Cobia find them irresistible. And our largest 3X and 4X models continue wreak havoc offshore.

No other lure on the market today can mimic a bait fish like the RONZ®. Try one for yourself and experience what the craze is all about!

100% USA Made

RonZ Engineered Soft Baits

RONZ 6" Original Series 3X612Z

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The RONZ Original Series 3X612Z Pure Tin Z Head, is the most popular size 3X made. A small bait with a big heart, it will hook anything that swims. For a small bait it has landed some very large fish. A favorite among light to medium tackle anglers


RONZ 8" Original Series 3X815Z

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The Original Series 3X815Z is an ideal size for inshore species. It's size makes it versatile and it can be used on small to large size fish. This is a top weight choice by most spinning tackle anglers.


RONZ 10" Original Series 3X102Z

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The 10" Original 3X102Z is heavy duty and capable of catching fish from small ground fish to giant bluefin tuna and everything in between. A good choice for an all around work horse. This model has a fixed hook with a swiveling eye.


RONZ 10" Big Game Series 4X102Z

Average customer rating
4 Stars
Total votes 1

The 10" Big Game Series 4X102Z is the magic bullet of RONZ head and tail soft baits. This size will be your #1 favorite after a trip or two to the tuna grounds. With a casting weight of 4 oz. it will make the distance needed if casting with heavy braid


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