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Latest Product Reviews

Opinion of Eng 94 about:
Received my Tog rigs the other day and they are very nice,better then I expected and on time for the season. Thanks guys I am very pleased with your prompt delivery and great products.
Opinion of hunter 2 about:
These rods work great when trolling spoons. I am a big fan of the entire Maja system. The pulsing of the rods tip shows you that the spoon is swimming correctly. When it comes to fighting a fish they perform well. I also use these rods for trolling other lures like stretchs and umbrella rigs

AVA - Diamond Jigs

S&G AVA - Diamond Jigs
007/1oz A-17/2oz - A-27/3oz - A-47/4oz A-67/6oz Colors: Dark Green, Dark Red, White, Fluorescent Green, Yellow, Plain Mustad or Siwash hook (no tube)
See color and hook selection chart below.

made in the usa

S&G AVA - Diamond  Jigs -   With Tube or Plain Hook
Mustad Hook #31022D, #3407 or VMC Siwash Hook #9171
Tube Colors: Dark Green, Dark Red, White, Fluorescent Green, Yellow
Weights: 007 - 1oz - A-17 -2oz - A-27-3oz - A-47-4oz  A-67 - 6oz

Please check availability of colors with your selection

Weights:  007 1oz | A-17 2oz |  A-27 3oz | A-47 4oz | A-67 6 oz.


Tube Colors, Sizes and Hook Selection

AVA Diamond Jig Tube Colors, Sizes and Hooks

Part #
007 1oz $2.99
A-17 2oz $3.49
A-27 3oz $3.99
4oz $4.99
A-67 6oz $5.99
How To Rig The Ava Diamond Jig
How to Rig The Ava Diamond Jig
Sea Striker Barrel Swivels Hi-Seas Quattro Monofilament Leader Tide Rite Duo Lock Snaps
Barrel Swivel Tied to Main Line 3' Of Mono Leader Tied to Barrel Swivel
Tie Snap to end of Mono Leader, Rig Ava to the Snap At the end of your leader

Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Bill Weisgarber - Thursday, 06 June 2013

The order shipped fast and secure. The product, Ava 27's are excellent and well made. They work well and cast fine with about a 9' rod. In the fall
the Ava's are deadly with Stripers along the Jersey Shore, especially when they are chasing sand eels close to the beach. Will buy again. Thanks,
Captain Bill.

Rating 5
Carl Drulik - Friday, 02 November 2012

Got my order quickly . Planned a day to do some Surf fishing with the new AVA27's ....hurricane Sandy showed up instead.

Rating 5
Robert Gallagher - Thursday, 19 April 2012

The AVA 47's are top notch at the Jersey shore when jigging for stripers and blues, or casting from the surf. Thanks for the great service! Will
definitely be buying again!

Rating 5
richard koenig - Saturday, 03 December 2011

great all around jigs. fished coastal waters off breezy point, a must have jig for stripers and blues. these jigs will put fish on the boat!

Rating 5
Kent Manno - Saturday, 29 October 2011

Excellent product...great in the Jersey waters!...excellent service...quick shipping...Thanks Rod...

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