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Opinion of wweisgarber about:
Wow! This product is a great deal. It holds up exceptionally well, much better than some of the higher priced leader materials. You won't be disappointed with this purchase. Thanks! Captain Bill
Opinion of wweisgarber about:
The order shipped fast and secure. The product, Ava 27's are excellent and well made. They work well and cast fine with about a 9' rod. In the fall the Ava's are deadly with Stripers along the Jersey Shore, especially when they are chasing sand eels close to the beach. Will buy again. Thanks, Captain Bill.
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Parachute Jigs

Parachute JigsG and H Parachute Jigs - A Striped bass KILLER! Trolled as singles and doubles, or as a stinger on your favorite umbrella rig, these jigs never fail to produce. The large eyes, reverse tied hair, and 9 inch paddle tail shad leave an irresistible signature in the water. All parachutes are rigged with shad as well as a stinger hook and come in weights from 2 to 12 oz. so the entire water column can be covered! All proven colors are listed below.

White Head / White Hair  (rigged with  9" shad and stinger hook)

Chart Head / Chart Hair (rigged with 9" shad and stinger hook)

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