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Opinion of wweisgarber about:
Wow! This product is a great deal. It holds up exceptionally well, much better than some of the higher priced leader materials. You won't be disappointed with this purchase. Thanks! Captain Bill
Opinion of wweisgarber about:
The order shipped fast and secure. The product, Ava 27's are excellent and well made. They work well and cast fine with about a 9' rod. In the fall the Ava's are deadly with Stripers along the Jersey Shore, especially when they are chasing sand eels close to the beach. Will buy again. Thanks, Captain Bill.

NJ Saltwater Fishing Tackle.

Offering The Northeast's Most Popular Saltwater Fishing Tackle
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LINE AND LEADERline_and_leader



Ronz Soft Baits Bass Kandy Delights
canyon reels authorized dealer


Custom 10" Pre-Rigged Tuna Kandy Delight

tuna_kandy_delightNJSW Tackle Custom 10" Pre-Rigged Tuna Kandy Delight

Hand Tied G & H Sea Witch | Ballyhoo Shirt
130# 9' Fluorocarbon Leader
8/0 7691 Mustad Southern Tuna Hook


Comes Rigged with One TKD and One Extra TKD

Many Colors to Choose from


Canyon Reels HS-18 High Speed Jigging Reel

NEW - Canyon Reels HS-18 High Speed Jigging Reel

NEW for 2011!

hs-18_goldThe New Canyon Reels' HS-18 High Speed Jigging Reel is unmatched in power! Incredible power and super smooth performance make the HS-18 the perfect choice for jigging, bottom fishing, drifting and just about any use that you can think of! A large, deep spool with the capacity to hold 600 yd. of 60# braided line and the extreme free spool performance make the HS-15 a great choice for surf casters.

The HS-18 is the finishing touch for many specialty rods and custom rods available today. Weighing only 32 oz., the HS-18 is a powerhouse that outperforms reels that are more than twice its size and weight!

Backed up with a 2 year warranty that is twice as long as our competition, the HS-18 is built to last. Every reel is loaded with Cal's Drag Grease to provide the fisherman with one of the smoothest operating drags on the market!


RonZ Engineered Soft Baits

ronz product The RonZ was originally developed for striped bass fishing on Cape Cod and used exclusively at first by commercial striped bass fisherman,. It quickly became their favorite head & tail soft bait. It's fish catching abilities were soon discovered by other local fishermen and a demand for the RonZ was created. The first RonZ became available in local bait & tackle shops in the early 90's and haven't stopped growing ever sense.

The RonZ is a engineered soft bait that was carefully designed from head to tail to look, act, feel and smell like the real deal. Intensively tested and proven on a variety of fish species both fresh and salt. It's fish catching ability is unmatched by any other. Only the finest hooks and plastics are used in the making of the RonZ. Excellence is our goal!

The RonZ Action tail has a life-like swimming motion that mimics a multitude of bait fish. There is no other tail that can present such a realistic silhouette and natural movement as the RonZ. The tail is infused with fish oil and enhanced with magic which has proven very helpful in catching fish, especially the larger cautious ones. There is no need to apply fish scents or be concerned about plastic smells.


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