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Opinion of Eng 94 about:
Received my Tog rigs the other day and they are very nice,better then I expected and on time for the season. Thanks guys I am very pleased with your prompt delivery and great products.
Opinion of hunter 2 about:
These rods work great when trolling spoons. I am a big fan of the entire Maja system. The pulsing of the rods tip shows you that the spoon is swimming correctly. When it comes to fighting a fish they perform well. I also use these rods for trolling other lures like stretchs and umbrella rigs

NJ Saltwater Fishing Tackle

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Canyon Reels


Bass Kandy Delights


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NJ Saltwater Fishing Tackle
NEW! Tony Maja Trolling Wire

majas products

NEW! Tony Maja Monel and Stainless Steel Trolling Wire

Tony Maja Ultra Soft Monel Trolling Wire

Tony Maja Ultra Soft Monel Trolling Wire. 40 LB and 50 LB Test 10% Off MSRP

Tony Maja Ultra Soft Stainless Steel Trolling Wire

Tony Maja Ultra Soft Stainless Steel Trolling Wire. 40 LB and 50 LB Test
Ronz 10" Soft Baits and Replacment Tails

We are Now Stocking The Ronz Replacement Tails along with the 10" Pure Tin soft Baits.



RONZ 10" 4oz Swivel Eye/Swing Hook

RONZ 10" 4oz 3X102Z


Tony Maja's Signature Series Trolling Reel

Tony Maja's Signature Series Trolling Reel is unmatched in power! Incredible power and super smooth performance make the Tony Maja reel the perfect choice for all types of trolling, Wire, Braid, Mono also including jigging and bottom fishing and just about any use that you can think of!

A large, deep spool with the capacity to hold 600 yds. of 60# braided line or 300 feet of 40# Wire, with 200 Feet of 50# Mono Backing.

The Tony Maja Reel is a perfect match for the Tony Maja Custom Bunker Spoon Trolling Rod. Weighing only 32 oz., the Tony Maja's Reel is a powerhouse that outperforms reels that are more than twice its size and weight!

Backed up with a 2 year warranty that is twice as long as our competition, the Tony Maja reel is built to last. Every reel is loaded with Cal's Drag Grease to provide the fisherman with one of the smoothest operating drags on the market!

One-way bearing, twin dog backup - 6:1.1 gear ratio - 9 lb. max strike drag - 16 lb. max drag - No loss of free spool at high drag ratings - 32oz Total Weight. See More Here

Custom 10" Pre-Rigged Tuna Kandy Delight

tuna_kandy_delightNJSW Tackle Custom 10" Pre-Rigged Tuna Kandy Delight

Hand Tied G & H Sea Witch | Ballyhoo Shirt
130# 9' Fluorocarbon Leader
8/0 7691 Mustad Southern Tuna Hook


Comes Rigged with One TKD and One Extra TKD

Many Colors to Choose from


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