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Opinion of Eng 94 about:
Received my Tog rigs the other day and they are very nice,better then I expected and on time for the season. Thanks guys I am very pleased with your prompt delivery and great products.
Opinion of hunter 2 about:
These rods work great when trolling spoons. I am a big fan of the entire Maja system. The pulsing of the rods tip shows you that the spoon is swimming correctly. When it comes to fighting a fish they perform well. I also use these rods for trolling other lures like stretchs and umbrella rigs

NJ Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Offering The Northeast's Most Popular Saltwater Fishing Tackle
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LINE AND LEADERline_and_leader

Canyon Reels


Bass Kandy Delights


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NJ Saltwater Fishing Tackle
Bass Kandy Delights

Bass Kandy Delights

Bass Kandy Delights (BKDs) are affordable, durable, soft plastic baits with a profile and action that closely mimics many types of baitfish. Try the 6” model when your quarry is feeding on smaller baitfish such as spearing, sand eels, anchovies, etc. The 10” is preferred when you’re looking to imitate larger prey like eels, squid, herring and bunker.

Rigging BKDs couldn’t be easier. Nose hook them on an octopus or live bait hook for surface action. For a moderate slow fall, you can’t go wrong with a BKD weighted hook inserted in the head. To get down deep, rig them on any jig head or bucktail jig. No matter how you rig them, Bass Kandy Delights have an irresistible action that big stripers, and all game fish (from fluke to tuna) crave! We have BKDS available in 2 sizes and the most productive colors.  So choose your flavor and feed 'em some Kandy!

Bunker Snag Hooks

snag hooksSnag Weighted Treble Hooks

For Snagging Bunker, for live lining Bass

Bunker Snag WEIGHTED Treble Hooks
5/0  -   7/0  -  9/0  -  10/0
$1.50 -  $2.75

Product Details...

NJ Saltwater Fisherman Shirts

indiglo blue NJ Saltwater Fisherman Shirts .

For "NJ Saltwater Fisherman"   Tee's $15.99

Shirts are available in two Colors and L - XXL.

Full Illustration on Back and Small NJSWF logo left side front.

In Stock Ships within 24 hours

NJSWF Forums Member will need to register here at the store also, your forums login will not work here in the shop


Bunker Spoons - Tony Maja Tackle
Bunker Spoon

Stainless Steel Bunker Spoons

Can be trolled with wire, braid, mono and even on down riggers. Tony Maja spoons are ready to use right out of the package. They have been designed for maximum success. 
The spoons are made of extra heavy gauge stainless steel which makes them work at a greater depth with less wire or line and with only one keel.
The action of the spoons have been designed to swim subtler than other spoons and the 9/0 stainless bucktail hook gives them a more life-like swimming action, which increases the hook up ratio with virtually no foul hook-ups.






e-z rodders

E-Z Out-Rodder

Unlike the standard OutRod holder which is fixed in a horizontal position, the E-Z Out-Rodder TM is hinged so that it can be easily lifted upright into a vertical position. You don’t have to struggle anymore when removing your rod from the E-Z Out-Rodder TM, as you would with a standard rod holder. When a fish is hooked, simply pull out the safety pin and bring the rod holder to an upright position. Lift the rod out of the holder and reel in the fish. The E-Z Out-Rodder TM is constructed of marine grade, brushed anodized aluminum and locks into any standard gunwale mounted rod holders.





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